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Skydiving's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here they are.

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During a Tandem Skydive, which requires only minimal instruction, you are harnessed to an instructor for the entire jump.
Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is your quickest route to becoming a certified skydiver. For approximately 60 seconds of each jump, you will be accompanied and guided by expert instructors. Most AFF skydiving is done from about 15,000 feet.
After each skydive, our instructors debrief you on the jump. Depending on the vendor, you will also be offered videos of each jump. The videos give you a visual of how you are doing, and you will want to keep the entire video set in order to record the exciting journey to your skydiving certification.
Freefalling feels like you are hovering on a cushion of air. You experience a buoyancy similar to floating in water, but the freefall thrill is infinitely greater. You have got to experience a Pennsylvania Skydive!
Yes, it should be relatively easy to both find the landing zone and to fly your parachute to the designated area. However, it does depend on the skill of the student. And, to make things even easier, an instructor will talk you down via a radio mounted on your gear. Also, you will have a terrific time flying our canopies across the sky at approximately 20 mph.


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